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Can your clients find you on the internet

    Web site promotion is the most important part of making your business a success on the internet, to do this you need to promote and maintain your web site regularly. Some people mistakenly believe that as soon as their site is on the Internet, people will start visiting it this is untrue. Most people will select a site from the top 30 search results so achieving high search engine ranking is very important.

What are search engines
   The Search Engines are tools for finding your business on the internet and work a bit like an electronic version of the yellow pages placing your business in a suitable category. This is then stored in a database which can be searched using keywords relating to your business. A good ranking with the top Search Engines (Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, Lycos...) could radically improve your business success on the internet.

How to get high listings
   There is no easy way to do this it takes critical analysis of your website, product and competition.When this is done your pages can be prepared for the search engines by adding meta tags. These are descriptive words and phrases relating to your website which are hidden in your web pages but visible to the search engines. Also the contents of your page such as image descriptions and the first 30 characters of your text can be optimized for the search engines. There is not guarantee that this will work but without these your website will definitely not get noticed.

Paid for inclusion
   To achieve high rankings in the search engines is a difficult and time consuming process and can only be achieved by paid for listings such and click through's. We will discuss these options and the costs with you and offer you a promotion package suitable to your business and budget.

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